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02 July 2012 @ 12:24 am

Hello, welcome to my lj! I'm Imi and I'm Italian, and now I'm studying Japanese at university.
I'm mainly an Arashi fangirl fan, but I also love Kanjani8, NEWS, AKB48, Kokia, Kalafina and random jgroups/songs.
I  also listen to a lot of indie and metal music. I've grown up with rock and classical music.
Basically, I feel music everywhere: from the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard to the sound of the streets everyday, and in my veins.
I'm also a gamer, but I'm neither a n00b, nor a pr0. I really like fighting games. I wish I had all the gaming consoles existent.
My dreams are: have a lot of true friends and being loved, become rich and give to my parents all the things they couldn't gave me, sing in Japanese and become an idol, have singing lessons, know all the languages of the world and travel a lot, open a shelter for dogs, find a way to escape from death.
In my heart there's one thing I wish soo bad it's true: OHMIYA.
You can add me freely, I don't bite! I'm always happy if I make friends, since I'm always alone :)
25 June 2012 @ 06:56 pm
Some random icons before I return to study! Friday I will do my last exam and then I WILL BE FREE FROM HIGH SCHOOL! Yayyyy!!  *hyper* That day I'll get so drunk that I won't even remember my name! And then I think that maybe I'll start to work soon, if my health improves...awww, I'm so excited! I can't wait for Friday to come! I really want to burn all that fucking books and leave behind all the crap I've been into for five years. I want to move forward and live my life! I don't care anymore about graduation and my grades, I just want to finish school and start a brand new life with university and, above all, SLEEPING FOR TWO DAYS IN A ROW WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.
Well, before I start to study, here there are some random icons I made like...weeks ago? And some other brand new...they aren't so pretty, really, because I love experimenting with colorings, so they may seem like...ugh. XD
Hope you like them anyway! That's mostly Arashi and some Kanjani and AKB48 here and there XD


Kanjani8 (actually, some Ryo, Maru, Ohkura and Yasu's icons)


Credits: central-akbgirls48, saobang2211, tokei-umbrella, undone sky, johnny's sekai, okura-tadayoshi, boys-paper.
If I forgot to credit someone, please let me know and I will add credits here!
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03 June 2012 @ 10:44 pm
I've finally found the guts to publish something I wrote after months. It's only a small series of drabbles I wrote in...hmm...less than three hours? (See what I do instead of studying for my upcoming exams? But I couldn't help it, I have fever and when I have fever I'm always inspired) I know they may be quite sappy, and I know for sure they aren't well written. Since English is not my first language and I don't have a beta reader (it's a waste, since in this period I don't have the time to write anything), critiques and advices about my grammar mistakes are welcome (plus, this is my first attempt to write something that's not a song after a long time). I'll be really happy even if you comment something like: "This fic sucks, stop writing already" xD really, I just need to know if I can keep on writing Ohmiya or fanfics in general, or if I suck at it (and in that case, I will stop immediately)! Sorry if the plot is quite messy, but I've just gone with the flow (actually, there's no plot at all. I just wrote what I felt and what the songs made me feel). And I recommend you to listen to the songs that give the title to every drabble, because they're amazing, really, and I think they fit Ohmiya perfectly! Well, what can I say? Hope this will be a good read!

Pairing: Ohmiya, hinted Sakumoto.
Genre: Angst, romance.
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 for some "bad" words...?
Author: Imilandoo aka Imi
Summary: Being in love really sucks, sometimes. Especially when you can't notice it at all (sorry for the crappy summary).  
Disclaimer: Arashi belongs to themselves and whoever they want to.

N.1: Twenty years - Placebo
ReadCollapse )

N.2: Rubik's cube - Athlete
ReadCollapse )

N.3: True love waits - Radiohead
ReadCollapse )

N.4: Skinny love - Birdy
ReadCollapse )

N.5: Neighbours - Your hand in mine
ReadCollapse )

N.6: Head over heels - Tears for fears
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N.7: Welcome Home - Radical Face
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N.8: Somewhere only we know - Keane
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N.9: Don't go - Rae Morris
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06 May 2012 @ 08:58 pm
Since my personal computer is broken AGAIN, and my pen drive also is, I not only lost my photos, my fan fictions etc. but also my colorings T___T so, since I'm really STUPID and I didn't do a backup of my files, now I just hope that someone can save everything...but I won't give up, tehehehehe. Despite I only have a Jurassic personal computer (512mb of RAM...Jeez), I found a portable version of Photoshop CS2 and I tried to make a coloring similar to what I used for my previous batch of icons (the AKB ones)...later I found the coloring of those icons, but I think the coloring I made is quite nice, especially with black and white images, so I decided to write two simple tutorials (even if I found the other coloring) because I tried to make a new icons batch but I'm not inspired (and I won't have time to do them anyway XD). Sorry if my English is inaccurate, but in this period I'm very busy and I don't write much. Btw, the tutorials are for Photoshop but translateable to Paint Shop Pro and Gimp (I think so, I'm not a Gimp user). Hope you will find them useful!

For Kanjani scans, thanks to Johnny's Sekai

We're going from to
Remember that this tutorial doesn't work best for all the images :)

Step 1: Duplicate the base layer and set it to Color Burn (Burn for PSP users) and leave the opacity 100%. You'll change it later depending on how your icon will turn out.
Step 2: Create a color fill layer (Layer->New fill layer->Solid color) and fill it with #C5C5C5, set it to Saturation, but ONLY if you want a b&w icon. If not, set it to Screen at 60% opacity. Remember: if you want a b&w icon, then duplicate this layer and set it to Screen anyway (you will have two #C5C5C5 layers, one set to Saturation, the other set to Screen).
Step 3: Create another color fill layer and fill it with #838383, set it to Multiply 60% opacity.
Step 4: Create another color fill layer and fill it with #D0D0D0, set it to Color Burn 100% opacity.
Step 5: Duplicate the previous layer and set it to Difference, 18% opacity.
Step 6: Create a new Hue/Saturation layer (Layer->New adjustment layer->Hue/Saturation/Lightness) and move the Saturation up to +10 (or maybe higher, depends on your icon).
Step 7: Create a new blank layer (Layer->New->Layer), fill it with black and pick a white soft and big brush (I think it works best around 60-80 px) and after you've made a sort of "glowing orb" go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur, and move the arrow until you're satisfied. Then set this texture to Screen. The opacity may vary depending on your icon.
Step 8: Copy merged layers, or merge the layers, then sharpen a bit.
And you're done!

Another example of this coloring, this time b&w!

Here is the second tutorial :)
We're going from to

Step 1: Duplicate your base and set it to Soft Light 100% opacity.
Step 2: Create a new curves layer (Layer->New adjustment layer->Curves) and follow the instructions:
Point one: Input 86>Output 90
Point two: Input 125>Output 147
Point three: Input 250>Output 232 (for this point, move the point at the top right)
Step 3: Create a new color balance layer (Layer->New adjustment layer->Color balance):
Midtones: +26 +9 +25
Shadows: -16 -4 +10
Preserve luminosity checked.
Step 4: Create a new brightness/contrast layer (Layer->New adjustment layer->Brightness/contrast):
Brightness: +5
Contrast: -9
Step 5: Create a new fill layer (Layer->New fill layer->Solid color) and fill with #4E554E, set it to Lighten, 100% opacity.
Step 6: Create a new hue/saturation layer (Layer->New adjustment layer->Hue/Saturation/Lightness):
Master: saturation +10, lightness +5
Reds: saturation +5
Yellows: saturation -5
Greens: saturation +5
Cyans: saturation +5
Blues: saturation +5
Magentas: saturation -5
Step 7: Create another fill layer (Layer->New fill layer->Solid color) and fill with #8E7991, set it to Exclusion, 22% opacity.
You can always duplicate the base layer, drag to the top and set to Soft Light if you think that the outcome is too faded, and you can delete or lower the opacity of the color balance layer if you think the icon is too blueish :)
Merge layers, sharpen a bit and you're done!

I can't provide another example of this coloring, because this computer is really slow :( sorry!
PS: When I have some spare time, I will work on an Ohmiya fanmix!
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02 May 2012 @ 09:08 pm
Since my computer is officially gone and, with it, all the Arashi, Kanjani and AKB images I had (THE AIBA AND KOJIYUU PHOTOSHOOTS T_____T), I decided to post at least the icons I succeeded to make with photoshop, because it has started the final rush, and I have to study a lot more than I have expected D: (I haven't even prepared material for the exam, I don't have clear ideas...fuck, this is going to be hard, it's only one month to go!) so I think I won't have the time to post them...When my computer will come back, I will try to make new Arashi and Kanjani icons, and finish the AKB batch D:
Also, the icons are not so pretty...I lost my creativity, if I ever had some D:
As I said in her lj, the (few, I'm truly sorry, I wish I could have made more and prettier) Tomochin icons are dedicated to rosa_elefante! Hope you will still like them!
Soo, another thing and I won't bother you, I promise: sorry for my bad English skills, but I've a very bad health (and bad mood) lately D: so I'm not capable to write something having a sense.

Friends/semifriends banners

56 AKB48 Icons (Random, Yuki Kashiwagi, Minami Takahashi, Mariko Shinoda, Tomomi Itano, Oshima Yuko)
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09 April 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Saalve, rieccomi di nuovo a rompere (dovrei studiare ma va be', stendiamo un velo pietoso...). Ho scritto questa piccola Ohmiya xD dato che in italiano secondo me non rendeva bene, ho preferito lasciarla in inglese così come l'ho scritta (non ho neanche usato un dizionario, quindi probabilmente c'è anche qualche neologismo inventato da me xD), solo che essendo l'inglese tutto tranne che la mia lingua madre >-< mi piacerebbe ricevere consigli da chi conosce meglio questa lingua, per verificare se è corretta, ma soprattutto se la trama ha senso, se è scritta bene o male, se Ohno e Nino sono troppo OOC...grazie in anticipo ** e perdonate questa richiesta assurda, ma non ho una beta reader e non so a chi chiedere >-<

Hiii, there! I need a little advice :P I wrote this little Ohmiya in a few minutes and without a dictionary, but English is not my first language, so if anyone knows well English I'd like to receive advices about this fanfic :) and also about the plot, if the story is well written or bad written, if it all makes sense, if Ohno and Nino are too OOC...thanks in advance if you read :) and sorry if I make this absurd request, but I don't have a beta reader since I don't know anyone in the fandom, because I've been inactive for a long time and I didn't have time to make new friends here >-<

The fic is under the cut!Collapse )
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08 April 2012 @ 11:07 pm
Lo so che devo ancora ricreare una presentazione decente ;__; e dovrei sistemare ancora un po' l'lj che piange miseria, così, tutto spoglio e solo soletto D: ma ho pensato che se non posto adesso queste benedette robe che ho fatto nei ritagli di tempo, non lo farò più! xD
Quindi, in attesa di riuscire a tirar fuori qualche fanfiction decente, penso che questo sarà l'unico post per il momento xD (a parte i miei sfoghi di asociale depressa).
Quiiindi...ecco a voi qualche robina abbastanza schifosa xD non è nulla di che, anche perché fino ad ora ho graficato con Photofiltre, e passare a Photoshop è stato un po' un trauma ;__; quindi scusate se fanno un po' schifetto, ma il tempo è poco e non ho potuto fare molta pratica! Non è necessario che mi creditiate, in caso vi piaccia qualcuna delle mie schifezze e vogliate usarla xD però per favore, salvate e riuppate su un altro sito di hosting immagini, altrimenti mi si consuma la banda e Photobucket mi cancella tutto D: (l'ha già fatto con un precedente account ç_ç)

I know that I haven't revamped yet my lj, but I thought that if I don't post these things now, I won't do it anymore D:
So, while I try to write semi-decent fanfictions, I think this will be the only post in this little lj I have xD and this is not even good graphics, because I used Photofiltre and these are my first attempts with Photoshop :D so I hope they aren't so ugly xDI
If you like them and you wanna use them, credit is not necessary :D but please, save and re-upload them to another hosting site!

Thanks to saobang2211, sxc.hu and central-akbgirls48.com for the scans. Hope I didn't forget to credit other people, if you can identify the scanners I missed to mention, I will add the credits here in the post :D sorry if you don't understand how I write, but I'm Italian, and I don't know English well :D

95 icons (Arashi, AKB48, SKE48, Stock)

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