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The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

random babblings, graphics and other stuff!

9 March 1993
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Hi, I'm Imi and I'm from a beautiful city named Naples, Italy! I'm 19, and I'm an Arashi, Kanjani, AKB48 and SKE48's fan. I like music in general: I feel it in my veins. I also like to sing and write songs. I'm addicted to football and I like to watch matches with my father and discuss about them. I also enjoy making some graphics and writing crappy fanfics about my favorite pairings (Ohmiya and Sakumoto, but I wrote also about Sakuraiba). If you'd like to add me, please feel free to do it. I won't bite and it doesn't matter if you don't have the same interests as me :D I'm rather lonely and new in this fandom, so it would be great if I could talk with someone!
PS: if you take some graphics, credit is not necessary.
aimiya (friendship), any good-looking japanese man/me, arashi, eito, everything random, flailing, junba, koyashige, musicmusicmusic, news, ohmiya, photofiltre, photoshop, random indie music, random instrumental/classical music, random je groups, random jmusic, ryokura, sakumoto, sakuraiba, singing, tegomassu, writing, yasuba